Smart, sustainable, clean energy technologies.


Our products

Global energy systems are changing at speed.

Recognising the challenges of power delivery, energy security and renewable energy intermittency needs for offshore infrastructure, we have developed our innovative products to help your assets realise their potential.

Verlume’s core technologies of intelligent energy management and power stabilisation are utilised within these products to ensure continuous power delivery and reduce the carbon intensity of operations in the energy sector, with a focus on efficiency and sustainability.


Axonn autonomously maximises available capacity of an energy storage system in real time.

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A customisable, compact rechargeable battery pack that provides dependable and safe energy storage for a range of applications across the energy sector.

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Our scalable, modular energy management and storage system is specifically developed for the demanding underwater environment. Using Lithium-ion battery technology and our integrated intelligent energy management system named Axonn, Halo provides a reliable, uninterrupted power supply to underwater infrastructure as a temporary, permanent or back-up solution.

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Our technology

We are committed to providing state-of-the-art power solutions that bring you and your business success.

We have a track record in enabling clean energy systems for harsh marine environments, addressing power delivery needs, facilitating decarbonised operations and enhancing operational capabilities for renewable power generation.

Together with our trusted clients and partners, we’re always working to bring you the next innovation and adapt for future markets and applications.

Operating to the highest environmental and safety standards, all of our products are governed by a comprehensive quality management system, in compliance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 accreditations.

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