Energy Storage

Our effective and efficient energy storage technologies can help solve many energy challenges across multiple underwater, offshore and onshore applications, by providing:

  • Energy security, overcoming the intermittency challenges of integrating clean, renewable power generation to high value assets and harsh environments. Ideal for asset electrification, long-distance tie-backs and field extensions in the subsea sector.
  • A local, rechargeable energy source for brownfield subsea infrastructure suffering from electrical supply problems (e.g. insulation resistance or power distribution failure), either as a temporary solution to maintain production, or as part of a longer term alternative to diesel or gas turbines and associated umbilicals.
  • Rechargeable energy system for powering other underwater equipment, like resident underwater vehicles and sensor packages.

You can read more about applications in the underwater, offshore and onshore sectors here.


Efficient technology

To create a dependable energy storage system, Verlume focusses on the power needs of the consumer and its location, using a proprietary analysis tool to calculate the required storage capacity for any given application. The key to efficient energy storage is not only the selection of the most suitable storage medium, but also consideration of the environmental conditions, redundancy requirements, operational limitations and the safety needs of the client.

Our trusted engineering team can create bespoke energy storage solutions, helping realise innovative electrically powered ideas through intelligent design.



At Verlume, we are constantly on the lookout for new technologies and storage trends. Battery technology is constantly improving; so horizon scanning is an ongoing process. To provide maximum value to our clients, we endeavour to offer the most up-to-date chemistries and energy storage technologies that are best suited for your needs.