Intelligent Energy Management

At the nerve centre of reliable and resilient power delivery is intelligent energy management, capable of autonomously maximising available capacity and providing real-time communications functionality.

Verlume’s intelligent energy management system, Axonn, is the gateway for decentralised, clean power generation and distributed power delivery into critical infrastructure and harsh environments.

Agnostic to both power generation and energy storage mediums, Axonn is a next-generation micro-grid forming management system, customisable and scalable for multiple applications.

Multi-faceted Approach

Intelligent energy management allows for a three-pronged approach to the management of generation and storage systems by undertaking:
• Monitoring
• Control
• Protection

Using a modular suite of firmware, software and hardware building blocks, Verlume’s intelligent energy management technologies can be configured to add intelligence to power systems across the energy sector. Verlume’s in-house experts help our clients understand the needs of their power system, selecting the right components for the application to ensure resiliency, efficiency and safety.

Fully Agnostic

At Verlume, we are power generation and energy storage agnostic – our expert team can help you select the right technologies for your clean power systems. Regardless of generation resource and storage format, intelligent energy management is the building block of resilient power systems.

Safety and Reliability

The high efficiency electronics within the intelligent energy management system ensure minimal losses, alongside providing safety functionality. Scalable and adaptable for a range of power ratings and duty cycles, we maximise the operating window of the systems that we’re powering, providing complete safety and reliability throughout the product life cycle.