By Paul Slorach, Business Development Director, Verlume

The Crown Estate Scotland Innovation and Targeted Oil and Gas (INTOG) leasing round will be transformational for the Scottish oil and gas market. As the first initiative of its kind, it is set to significantly accelerate decarbonisation in the oil and gas sector through the integration of offshore wind farms to provide low carbon electricity for production installations. The leasing round will allow developers to apply for the rights to build new offshore wind farms, as well as small-scale innovation projects such as green hydrogen production.

As a leader in the energy transition for almost a decade, Verlume is excited by the prospect of INTOG. We believe that seabed and offshore energy storage can add significant value to the leasing round, helping to optimise power production profiles for offshore wind farms and for provision of Power-to-X functionality, such as underwater drones, electric surface vessels and green electrolysers.

We are now exploring a number of options for participation within INTOG, to align our expertise in intelligent energy management and energy storage as part of operators’ and developers’ proposals. As described in previous blogs, we are actively working to optimise our Halo technology for MW/MWh opportunities in the offshore wind sector and this opportunity is an extension of those activities.

Innovative Low Carbon Technologies

With the ongoing changes to our energy mix, we must ensure that if hydrocarbons are to be used, that they are being used responsibly. INTOG will be important for the progression of clean energy integration and electrification of the offshore oil and gas sector, ensuring the responsible creation of hydrocarbons. This will be possible through the use of power from renewable sources within the INTOG round, and further opportunities for the supply chain with the injection of carbon into subsea aquifers, creating a stepping-stone towards new Scottish energy architecture.

Innovative low carbon technologies as part of INTOG will play a crucial role in reaching the North Sea Transition Deal target of reducing operational emissions by 50% by 2030. The INTOG leasing round recognises the contribution of oil and gas market decarbonisation in meeting Scotland’s and the UK’s wider net zero targets, through the use of the excellent offshore wind resources that exist around existing oil and gas infrastructure.

Engaging with Supply Chain Innovators

Showcasing Scotland as a destination for world-leading emissions reduction projects, there will be an opportunity for supply chain innovators who can support operators to overcome challenges and successfully delivery these distinctive projects. With the leasing round set to open this month, now is the time to consider the structure of proposed projects and consortium partners.

Verlume’s core technologies of intelligent energy management and storage have been created to reduce the carbon intensity of operations in the energy sector, with a focus on efficiency and sustainability. Working together with operators, Verlume can provide the missing piece of the puzzle for these developments, with intelligent energy management to mitigate the impacts of intermittency of supply from the offshore wind farms to allow for a reliable power supply.

Seabed Battery Energy Storage

Verlume has been innovating in Scotland and exporting this expertise for many years, sharing subsea experience and environmental good practice on a global scale. With an increasing global customer base, Verlume recently delivered the first commercial Halo battery energy storage system for a world-first offshore mini-grid demonstration at the US Navy Wave Energy Test Site off the coast of Hawaii.

Halo is a seabed battery energy storage system which has been specifically designed by Verlume for the harsh underwater environment, reducing operational emissions and facilitating the use of renewable energy by providing an uninterrupted power supply. Halo’s fundamental basis is its Intelligent Energy Management System, a fully integrated system which autonomously maximises available battery capacity in real time.

Verlume’s Halo offshore wind solution was recently recognised as a winner in RWE’s first international Innovation Competition, the full press release is available here. In the system integration category, our offshore wind charging concept was acknowledged as innovative in overcoming the challenges of volatile offshore renewable energy generation. We are now in close exchange with RWE’s innovation team.

Supply chain innovators will act as a key enabler in this transformational leasing round, which will work to achieve target installed capacity whilst delivering the best possible value for the Scottish economy. If you would like to engage with Verlume on a project proposal for INTOG, please contact