By Robert Heron, Product Manager, Verlume

Across the subsea energy transition, offshore wind and the defence and security segments, Verlume is developing solutions for clean energy system integration through intelligent energy management and energy storage.

At the core of Verlume’s offering is enabling clean, resilient and integrated energy systems. To do so, we have developed a proprietary intelligent energy management system – recently rebranded and now known as Axonn.

Taking inspiration from the biological term ‘Axon’ whose function includes carrying electrical impulses and communicating with the brain and the rest of the body, our Axonn system can enable electrification by being the gateway for renewable power and energy storage.

By providing intelligence to the entire system, it can autonomously maximise available capacity of an energy storage system in real time.

Having recently been appointed into the new role as product manager, I will be working to align the capabilities of Axonn with customer requirements in intelligent energy management and around requirements for a reliable, uninterrupted power supply in harsh environments. Since Axonn is agnostic, with flexibility in terms of input technology, we can work with customers across a range of power technology inputs such as wind, wave and solar.

Built using a modular suite of firmware, software and hardware building blocks, Axonn can be configured to add intelligence to power systems across the energy sector. Available as a standalone option, it can also be integrated within Verlume’s energy technologies, such as Halo, our proprietary seabed lithium-ion based energy storage architecture.

Axonn is accompanied by Verlume’s energy modelling capabilities as standard, with the capability to analyse input and demand versus time, creating a digital twin of the energy system for continued optimisation.

Offshore wind is a key sector in which myself and the multi-discipline engineering team at Verlume is exploring, with use cases including increasing integrity and efficiency by balancing supply and demand, power conditioning and storage for charging electric and hybrid vessels, or for black start and load balancing.

As the subsea industry makes the transition towards net zero and with global scrutiny of the carbon footprint across brownfield and greenfield sites intensifying, the subsea energy transition market is also a focus for Verlume. In this context, Axonn can act as a temporary solution or equally as a longer-term alternative to maintain production where existing electrical supplies have failed. Increasingly, this intelligent energy management technology will ultimately replace traditional methods of power delivery by easily integrating clean, remote power generated at the point-of-need.

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