EC-OG has successfully secured support from the Oil & Gas Technology Centre for significant technology FEED work.

In conjunction with the Technology Centre, EC-OG is undertaking FEED work for a North Sea field trial focusing on the in place Subsea Power Hub (SPH) design, optimised deployment procedure and de-risking the installation and operational phases.

EC-OG has also recently become a member of the Technology Centre as part of the Small Pools Solution Centre. The Small Pools Solution Centre is one of five Solution Centres, alongside Asset Integrity, Well Construction, Decommissioning and Digital Transformation, which identify, fund and support technology development to tackle key industry challenges. The Small Pools Solution Centre aims to reduce the development life-cycle costs for new technologies to be used in marginal fields.

Richard Knox, Managing Director of EC-OG, said:

“We’re really looking forward to strengthening our working relationship with the Technology Centre and starting this phase of the project. Working with the Technology Centre and the project partners will really help to reduce the risk for operators and developers in adopting new technology, both technically and financially. This is what we all want to see.

“We are very grateful for the support received so far. By increasing this engagement further, we hope to demonstrate that we can utilise the great talent available in this industry to reduce the operating costs in the UKCS for the benefit of everyone.

“This phase of the project will be really helpful for EC-OG to take the final steps to link in with operators. With the support of the Technology Centre, we are closing the gap between technology producers and operators. We’re de-risking our new technology for operators and providing key knowledge in the drive for maximum economic recovery.”

Chris Pearson, Small Pools Solution Centre Manager of the Oil & Gas Technology Centre, said:

“The Subsea Power Hub has great potential so we were very happy to support the project. Finding more efficient and cost-effective ways of powering subsea wells is an excellent example of technology development that could help unlock marginal fields. We look forward to seeing the results of the feasibility study and working with the EC-OG on the next steps.”