EC-OG won an award in the Innovation category at the Scottish Environment Business Awards at a ceremony in Edinburgh yesterday.

The Scottish Environment Business Awards, also known as VIBES, reward companies who are at the forefront of eco-innovation. By promoting a more environmentally-focused outlook, the awards aim to establish a stronger and more innovative economy in Scotland.

EC-OG won the Innovation Award for the Subsea Power Hub, a hybrid-based ocean current energy conversion system with integrated energy storage. The system harnesses the energy within ocean currents to convert, store and deliver electricity on demand. The Innovation category recognises businesses that have developed innovative technologies which bring about positive effects on the environment and Scottish business.

EC-OG were competing against four other Scottish companies in the Innovation category, with a record number of entries into all categories at this year’s awards. The robust judging process included several panel assessments as well as a site visit.

‘We are delighted to be recognised in the Scottish Environment Business Awards, winning an award in the Innovation category. It was a pleasure to accept the award yesterday on behalf of EC-OG and a real honour for the team to be acknowledged for creating this new technology. The award highlights the environmental credentials of the system as well as the impact that we are having on the Scottish business environment. Alongside our win, we commercially launched the Subsea Power Hub in September and recently obtained the new 2015 ISO: 9001 and ISO: 14001 accreditations. It is a really exciting time for the EC-OG team’ Heather Sharkey, Commercial Director, EC-OG.